Family and Community Participation Opportunities


School is a partnership with plenty of jobs—big and small—for all to pitch in and enjoy.

We hope you will take ownership in Emerson SILC and share your time and talent with us.



Emerson SILC greatly appreciates all of our parent and community volunteers. If you are interested in volunteering please contact Nandi O'Brien, Emerson SILC Program Coordinator, at 612-668-3617 or


Minneapolis Public Schools requires all parent and community members to have volunteer information on file at Emerson SILC before volunteering of any kind can begin.  Please refer to the section to the right for the appropriate paper work.


Classroom Volunteers

Teachers welcome having parent or community members come to assist with organizing the classroom, making copies or working with individual or small groups of students.  If you are interested in being a classroom volunteer please let us know.


Field Trip Chaperones

During the year our students go on special field trips and each time they go we are in need of parents or guardians to accompany the class on their trip.  A chaperone will assist the teacher in making sure our students are safe and happy during their outing.  They also receive the added benefit of enjoying the activity of performance the class is attending.


In special cases for extended/overnight night field trips you will to ask to provide additional volunteer information including a criminal background check.


Box Tops and Land o Lakes Milk Tops for Education

We collect all Box Tops for Education and Land o Lakes Milk tops throughout the year.  Your contributions of box tops and milk tops are welcome any time and can be sent to school with students or dropped off at the Emerson SILC greeter desk any time.