Emerson Academic Program

“Los estudiantes de Emerson son  bilingüe, ciudadanos globales productivos.”

“Emerson students are bilingual, productive global citizens.”

 Emerson SILC is an exciting place to learn!

El Centro de Aprendizaje de Inmersión en Español (Spanish Immersion Learning Center) es un programa académicamente basado en la inmersión dual del idioma en el cual el idioma a aprender (español/inglés) se usa como una vía de instrucción.  La educación de inmersión brinda la oportunidad de una experiencia de aprendizaje única en la que los alumnos aprenden bien los objetivos del plan de estudios de las Escuelas Públicas de Minneapolis a la vez que aprenden español o inglés como segundo idioma durante los años de primaria que es cuando los idiomas se aprenden y retienen con más facilidad.
The Emerson Spanish Immersion Learning Center is an academically-based two-way language immersion program in which the target languages (Spanish/English) are used as the vehicle of instruction for native English and Spanish speaking students. Education using immersion provides a unique academic experience in which students master Minneapolis Public Schools curriculum objectives and learn Spanish or English as a second language during the elementary years when languages are most easily learned and retained.

 Basic Facts
• Oldest immersion program in Minnesota.
• Grade levels Pre-Kindergarten through 5th.  Grades 6-8 follow the pathway to Anwatin IB/Dual Language Middle School. 
• 555 students representing many different ethnic groups.
• Students live in most areas of Minneapolis. Many students also live in the suburbs.
• Student mobility less than 12% - extremely stable environment
• Many classroom teachers are native Spanish speakers with all K-5 teachers being bilingual.

Instructional Design
• Emerson is one of three K- 5 schools in Minneapolis offering a dual-Spanish-language immersion program.
• Emerson provides a traditional classroom learning environment. A wide variety of teaching methods is used, including direct instruction, cooperative learning, cross language peer tutoring and multiage groupings.
• At Emerson SILC, students serve as native-speaker role models for each other and develop positive cross-cultural attitudes.

• Language immersion provides an enriched educational experience without traveling abroad and without considerable expense to the school system or families involved.
• Test results show that students in dual-immersion programs like Emerson progress further academically over time than their peers in traditional school programs.